Guitar Lessons

Free YouTube lessons:

“As both an experienced teacher and performance artist, I teach my students of all ages and interests; beginner  – advanced:

Music Theory- Scales, Chords, Reading, Rhythm
Guitar technique
Songs and Phrases
All Music Genres – Acoustic Electric & Bass
How to improve Musicianship or simply learn basic skills

I Individualize lessons to your needs and interests while helping you to find “your style.”

Teacher for 9+ years!

I offer a variety of lessons and payment plans which can tailor to your needs and interests. Including Group lessons, Skyped and downloadable Video Lesson Packages.
Individual Lesson
Each individual hour lesson is 300-, or 1000-, for four, payed in advance.
Group Guitar Lessons
Group guitar lessons are 150-,.
Classes are for an hour and a half with 2 or more people.

Skype Lessons
Skype lessons are 20$.